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We purchased a 22 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever from Candy and Chuck.We were told he was a "total goofball" but just didn't like the show ring.

My husband paid $700 for Gus and had driven over 3 hours to get him. When he got him home he did not want to be anywhere but in his kennel. If we closed the kennel door he would sit by it. He would not leave the living room.

Concerned about his lack of social skills my husband called Candy the next day and she said he needed a little more time and he would adjust. After a couple of more days of not seeing any progress my husband called and said he would like to bring the dog back on his next day off work. Candy said she would call on Saturday. My husband tried calling and texting but got no response.

He drove the 3 1/2 hours to return the dog and his papers. He surrendered the dog and asked about the $700 and was told there was no refund unless he was returned in 72 hours. This was in the contract. While signing the contract the breeder was quick to point out what was boilerplate language and not to worry about but never mentioned the 72 hours.

Perhaps that's why she kept saying give him a little more time!!!!

My husband took the dog back and said he would take give the dog to the pound before he would let them keep the money and resell the dog and we would post a negative comment on the Internet.Chuck then said my husband must have personal problems and called him a Mother******.

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I have documentation that the dog in question is still with the gentleman.I texted him to see how Gus ws doing.

He replied and said he was a great dog and sent me pictures. There have been no other compliants from this client. Before the dog was surrendered, his wife was in touch with the acc rescue. I was notified by our agent in south Texas.

I guess the people just didn't give him enough time.From the information and pictures I got from the owner, the dog is adjusted to his new owner and is happy.

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Gus is doing fine.He is the love of husband'a life.

With a lot of love and patience he has adjusted to being a pet, rather than a show dog.

Our complaint was around the lack communication about how socialized he was and phone calls surrounding bringing the dog back.

Are we happy with Gus? Absolutely!!

We just weren't prepared for how he reacted to being in a home.He is a member of our family!

We just wish Candy had been more up front about how he would react, the return policy, and her husband's unprofessional behavior.

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I've gotten a weird vibe from this breeder myself, and am still looking for a chessie pup.

if the seller used such language, and then hid behind the contract, I'd have to conclude they do not have the dog's best interest at heart. And from my limited contacts with them, I'd say they are the one's with "personal problems."

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There are many quality breeders in the US.If you feel like you are dealing with a "used car scam man'' then heed your inner voice and look elsewhere.

FYI...a show dog should be VERY WELL SOCIALIZED.A fearful dog has either been mistreated or is of poor breeding.

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how about a follow up on this?

did Gus ever adjust to his new home?

I'd think a 22 month chessie would probably be pretty stand-off-ish the first few weeks (wondering where his people are).

Hope it all turned out well.....

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